Well, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, but in my defense, I’m extraordinarily lazy.  What can I say?  If slothfulness were an Olympic event, I’d lose because I’d never even make it to the stadium.  Either that, or I’d totally win due to not showing up and they’d have to ship the medal to me.  I think it all depends on how the Russian judge scores it.

Since the last time I really wrote anything at the beginning of April a few things have happened.  (that serious Guest Post I did for a friend a little while back, although extremely well-thought out and exquisitely well-written doesn’t really count as far as a #lifeinhashtags post goes)

I finished my cat tree and my cats seem to enjoy it although they are still scratching up the furniture.

If you build it, they will still be ungrateful little allergen factories.


Dear IKEA, if you could make a scratch proof couch that would be fantastic.  Just sayin’.

After I finished the cat tree and it didn’t turn out to be a complete stuttering fustercluck I decided to move onto something a little more complicated.  So I bought some more power tools and built a couple of cornhole sets complete with several sweet upgrades (suitcase design for easy transport, on-board scoring system, built-in rope measured out to 27′ for accurate gameplay) that I came up with on my own and/or stole from pictures of cornhole boards I found online.  Pro tip: make sure your Google Safesearch is set to Strict if you do an image search involving the words “cornhole”.

This one is an Oklahoma State University set I made for Sharideth’s son for his birthday.

Bob Vila? More like Bob…Spongepants-ila…amirite? Shut up. You try rhyming “Vila”, jerks.

I was honestly surprised at how well the paint job turned out.  Especially considering I learned all my paint masking techniques from Youtube videos which, considering how many “kitties doing cute things” clips I “had” to wade through just to find the right painting ones is quite an accomplishment.

And then this one is my own personal set.

Fancy boards are fancy.

You can’t really tell from the pictures, but there is a little bit of bleed over between the stained sections (stain works way different from paint as I found out) and it’s not as neat as I’d like, but I know what I did wrong and it won’t happen the next time I make a set…if anyone who’s said they want me to make them a set ever comes up with the money for it.  Quality-ish craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap, people!!

Other than starting to get into woodworking, I also received a free charcoal smoker from my work back in June for 5 years of service.

I’ve so far managed to smoke several meat-tastically delicious racks of spareribs and a few dozen chicken drumsticks which were later fried into a flavor town the likes of which would cause Guy Fieri to give up every item of Ed Hardy gear he owns just for the chance of being allowed to visit and MAYBE be made the village idiot.

I call this look, “The Craftsman”, because you know…heavy duty tool.

Other than building things with my own two hands and cooking meat fit for the cool, non-vegetarian gods, I’ve also spent my summer punching sharks in the face and turning down dates from numerous supermodels because, eat a sandwich.

Or 12.  Seriously.



How was your summer?

Are there any topics any of you would like to see me write about so I don’t go 4 months in between postings again?

Is it just me or does Nickelback still suck?

6 thoughts on “#HowISpentMySummerByMattGates

  1. A summary of the comment I lost before:
    My summer hasn’t begun, but thanks for asking. I don’t care what you write about, as long as it’s within four months. Do you have other woodwork projects lined up?

  2. ha, my blogging hasn’t really taken off either. I keep having ideas but then, like you, not the time to sit down and just type it up. Or at least, that’s the way it feels.

    I remember you posting about the cornhole boards you had made…that is pretty sweet. And the rope is such a great idea! My parents play a game similar called holeyboards and so I’m gonna pass the measured out rope on to them. 🙂

    My summer is going pretty good. We’re in a “heat wave” over here in Seattle. I say that in quotes because, well, it’s only supposed to be 91-92, which doesn’t seem like a heat wave to me. I guess for Seattle…

    Other than that, camping trips, working, lots of time on the worship team (that’s starting to slow down though, as we build up other teams at church) and lots of hanging out with friends. Right now one of my sisters is in town visiting me for the week, so that’s fun!

  3. Thank you so much for telling those girls to eat. I used to not really get on board with “eat a sandwich” sentiment because I was too insecure about myself. But now I realize that strong is sexy and skinny is just gross. So yeah. Eat a freakin sandwich.

  4. Hi Matt,
    It’s been nearly a year. As a lazy blogger myself, I have no qualms in telling you, this is unacceptable.

    Here’s my proposal for blogging more regularly. You need to write a song, once a month, about that month. Sufjan-style. That will both give you blogfodder, and stretch and strengthen you as a songwriter. No, these do not have to be good songs. A yearful of bad but finished songs is better than an empty blog.

    I’m following you now so I’ll be expecting that first song soon. Let’s say…June 24th. 🙂

    I hope your cats are still enjoying their tree.

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