Last weekend I was privileged to be able to attend ‘The Killer Tribes Conference:  Based on the Novel “31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo” by Allain‘.

Although the conference name was a little long and somewhat self-indulgent for my taste, the content that was shared by the speakers was outstanding.  I’m still processing a lot of what I heard and took notes on, but I wanted to share a few highlights AKA do a little unabashed name dropping of the people I met/hung out with last weekend.

Friday night was the pre-conference meet-up at a local Nashville coffee shop wherein I had the pleasure of finally being able to bask in the glow of THE Joseph Craven‘s luxuriant beard.  It’s true; that guy is tall, but not so tall that people point and stare.  Well–they don’t point and stare because of his height anyway.

He's also a snazzy dresser and top notch contemplative gazer into the distance.

Another highlight was getting to meet Tyler Tarver whose new book, “Letters to Famous People” just dropped a couple days ago.  I hear that it’s good, but as I’m illiterate I wouldn’t know. Little known fact:  All of my posts are dictated to my secretary Mrs. Farnsworth.

Mrs. Farnsworth, don’t forget to pick up my hemorrhoid cream when you go get my dry cleaning; it’s flaring up again.  Also, while you’re out will you pick me up a copy of the newest Nickelback album and call the frame shop?  Find out what’s taking them so long on my Twilight poster.  Hey…why were you typing when I said that?  You just did it again!  Stop that!  This isn’t part of the post!  Oh, you were just editing some of the weaker jokes?  Will that leave any of the post left?  AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I’m hilarious.  Also totes hella handsome.  Don’t you agree, Mrs. F?  Enough chitchat Mrs. Farnsworth, let’s get back to this post.

Besides Craven and Tarver, I also got to meet Knox McCoy, Tyler Stanton, Tripp Crosby, Jared Hollier, Jamie Golden, Tamara Lunardo, Leigh Kramer, Jessica Buttram, Clay Morgan and Amanda Bast by Cake Pop Proxy.

Sharideth, Amanda in delicious pastry form, Me and oh look, it's Jared Hollier creeping us from behind.

I met several other people I think, but they were obviously not that important as I can’t remember their names, faces or existence at the moment.

Anyway, it was a great time and you all should definitely start saving up for next year’s Killer Tribes conference.


What are you doing for Easter?

Are you coming to next year’s Killer Tribes conference?

P.S.  Don’t forget to donate a couple bucks to my Relay for Life Cancer Walk team if you can.  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “#KillerTribesWasWAYBetterThanMaimingCoterie

  1. hey, my left arm made it into the motion pictures (because i keep scrolling the page to keep it in motion).

    bling blong it was really nice to real life meet you.

    • I was gonna mention your arm, but I thought if people knew that they might not be able to handle all the awesome contained in that one picture and bad things might happen.

      Also, it was lovely to meet you for realsies too.

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