Cancer sucks.  We all know this.  More than likely we all know somebody who has been ravaged by this terrible disease.  Some have managed to beat it, but some have unfortunately succumbed after fighting the good fight.

Cancer sucks.  I’ve been extraordinarily blessed in that neither side of my family has much susceptibility to cancer and it has yet to effect anyone within my immediate bloodline.  However, that does not mean that I’ve been completely untouched.  In the last three years several friends and acquaintances of mine have passed away from this disease.

Cancer sucks.  Most recently it took the girl I escorted to my Senior Prom 16 years ago leaving behind a husband and two young daughters.  Before that it was the sister of a songwriter friend of mine who was the very embodiment of a life being lived to the fullest which was cut way too short.  Before that it was a co-worker.  Before that it was the brother of one of my best friends from back home in Indiana.  And before that it was an old college buddy who died shortly before he was to be married.

Cancer sucks.  We are fighting it however.  In memory of the people I mentioned above and of so many others I have joined with a team of my co-workers to participate in this year’s Williamson County (TN) Relay For Life.  We are raising funds for the American Cancer Society along with dozens of other teams from the middle Tennessee area.

Cancer sucks.  So I am asking for your help.  Our goal as a team is to raise $1000 before the May 4th Relay For Life event, but I think we can do better than that.  Back in December between my and Sharideth’s blogs we managed to raise $600+ to help give a local Nashville family a Christmas.  I believe we can match that and do even more.

Cancer sucks.  So if you have a few bucks you can contribute to the fight please hit up the Relay For Life donation site (donations made at either link go to the same place) I’ve linked at the end of this post.  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Click to Donate—My page

Click to Donate—My team’s page

Thanks and God Bless!!

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