When doing a Google image search for mail bag, do NOT misspell "mail". #EyesBleached #LessonLearned

Every once in a while I’ll get a few extra special comments that for some reason don’t make it on to a post.  So in honor of my 25th blog entry, I thought I would take the time to respond to some of this until now unseen-by-the-public reader fan mail.

Kitty Pretty&Cute package + Quick review on FAIRY DROPS CANDY BAR  writes:  This economic dominance would be manifested in the history of transportation through further innovations by land and air.

Dear KP&C:  First of all, thank you sooo much for checking out my blog.  It means a lot to me when someone takes time out of their day to say, “Hey, I think you’re cool and your economic dominance and vast knowledge of the history of transportation has inspired me to reach higher into the air while still staying grounded in life.”.  I think you’re pretty cool too and although a Fairy Drops Candy Bar sounds amazing right now, I’m kind of on a low carb diet for the moment soooo…raincheck?

Bieber Just Jared Daily Updates says:  When I opened it the smell of the dye or the plastic or whatever burned the nostrils, and of course, did not induce a very pleasant yoga practice.

Hey there Biebs!  May I call you Biebs?  Anyway, I really must apologize if you had an unpleasant yoga class.  I’m afraid that your burned nostrils was my bad.  I meant to send that package of torched Nickelback CDs back to Canada where they belong, but I guess it got lost in the mail.  If you don’t mind, could you forward it for me?  Send it to my friend Amanda Bast.  She’ll know what to do with them.  Again, I’m really sorry for your discomfort.  Keep your chin up, or maybe your butt if you’re doing Downward Dog.

internetowe randki bloviates: This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

Awwww…Randki!  You’re too kind.  I sometimes work hard-ish at blogging so it’s really nice to be recognized for the minimal efforts I occasionally put forth.  As far as “looking forward to seeking (seeing?) more of my magnificent post” goes…well, I’m flattered and a tiny bit creeped out, buuut–I’m kind of saving that for my future wife.  I hope you understand.  #TrueLoveWaitsYo

chanel fragrance wardrobe expounds:  At one point he pulls out a tiny Magnum that the cops gave him.  I think that’s what he said, I was too stunned that there was suddenly a gun.

First of all, what a beautiful name, Chanel!  Your parents must be really cool.  Where do you live?  The police there sound AMAZING!!!  I can’t believe they’re just giving that kind of stuff away!

His mustache was so magnificent they had to sell it separately.

I had a tiny Magnum when I was a kid, but I had to save up my allowance for almost 3 months before I could buy it.

As far as the gun goes; I’m sorry it made you uncomfortable, but you know–it’s Magnum.  He wouldn’t look right without it.  It would be like T.C. without his helicopter or Higgins without his condescension or Robin Masters without his invisibility cloak.

And finally, The Joseph Craven indites:  Or “one” sentence. Maybe I was trying to say “onsentence” as a new word. You killed the English language for me.

Haha!  Thanks Joseph!  That’s hilarious.  Thanks for reading.

…You know–on second thought, I’m not entirely sure that this comment is legit.  I should probably check my spam filter settings…


Whose mustache would win in a fight; Tom Selleck’s or Mike Ditka’s?

Who wants to go halfsies with me on a Fairy Drops Candy Bar?

9 thoughts on “#LifeInHashtagsFanMail

  1. I’m going to go with Ditka’s mustache. His mustache dominated the entire Bears offensive and defensive lines for years. Magnum’s mustache had trouble dominating just one British mustache. And it’s probably to used to Hawaii’s mild temperatures to win an away game in Chicago, where Ditka’s mustache is much more widely traveled.

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