Sorry for the light posting as of late, but the combination of being out-of-town for a couple of weeks during the Christmas season plus being in a food coma for most of December has made it really difficult for me to put on my humor hat.

It looks like this, but WAYYYY more jazz handsy.

And then after I got home from my trip, I was hit with the huge responsibility of saving the land of Hyrule from an attempted coup by some dude named Ganon; a so-called “gift” from my brother and his family.  The politics are a little bit murky, but somehow Donald Trump, the Bilderbergers and a magical sword are involved.


So yeah–I’ve been busy.

Anyway, I’m back-ish for the time being and I’m going to do my best to update on a more regular basis, but as Hyrule is still in peril and I didn’t make a resolution to be less lazy, I can’t promise anything.

My trip to Indiana was pretty good although it was too long by half.  I forgot that even though I took 10 days off for Christmas it doesn’t mean that anybody else did.

Because of this, the first half of my vacation involved a lot of sitting around watching Netflix on my laptop and knitting Christmas gifts (in an extremely masculine manner) while waiting for my friends to get off work so we could go do stuff.

There was a Christmas party or two to attend:

Christmas party hawtness. My friend Amber was looking good too.

My aunt saw this pic and immediately jumped to the conclusion that I was seeing somebody.  I had to explain to her that my friend was married and that standing next to a female in a picture in no way constituted a dating relationship.

Hunting with my little brother, AKA Getting up at the butt crack of dawn for the privilege of freezing your ass off in the woods for 3 hours looking at trees:

It's coming right for us!!! Maybe...

And karaoke night with a few of my friends:

Singing “Whipping Post”. Killed it. Ask Sharideth. She knows.

After a busy Christmas day that started off at my brother’s house and ended playing Rummikub for a couple of hours with one of my grandmothers I was finally able to drive home the next day.

New Year’s Eve was a low-key, but fun affair spent at Smith Manor with some of my most favorite people.  I wanted to go into 2012 looking awesome so I bought a pink tie.

Bringin' sexy back*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease except for terminal lack of sexy and possibly shingles.

I once again went kissless at midnight (34 years and counting!!!), but I DID manage to knock the mirror off my car while backing out of the driveway later that night so that was exciting.  And no, I wasn’t impaired in the least.  I just suck at driving in reverse; especially at night.

Not pictured--first facepalm of 2012.

So that’s been my last couple of weeks.


Did you miss me?

What are your exciting Christmas/New Year’s Eve stories?

14 thoughts on “#PostHolidayWrapUp

  1. You know I did. Speaking about masculin knitting, Missouri was very surprised to see a certain hype here in the Netherlands: Urban Knitting. Have you ever heard of it?

    I have a tradition to spend Christmas and New Years at my parent’s couch. As I am a man of tradition, I’ve got nothing.

  2. I missed you a lot. But a lot less than you missed me. I assumed you had a lady friend as well. I don’t have any exciting Christmas/New Year’s Eve stories. I watched Princess Bride once, and got all of the Twilight movies on blue ray. That was exciting.

    • “But a lot less than you missed me.”—Probably true person I’ve never met, but who seems cool on the internet.

      “I assumed you had a lady friend as well.”—I have lots of lady friends, just not “friendly” friends if you catch my drift.

      “…and got all of the Twilight movies on blue ray.”—Me too!!! Just kidding; I chose to get kicked in the junk repeatedly instead. 😉

    • Not exactly. A shark (in northern Indiana; go figure) took a bite out of my leg and I had to knit up the wound while simultaneously making hats and scarves for some poor, freezing orphans that I had just rescued from a burning orphanage.

    • Worried…or hoping? #GotMyEyesOnYou

      I am not 40, but I would love a black suit and an office chair. I would spend every Saturday wearing my suit and sitting in my office chair while asking my imaginary secretary Phoebe to bring me coffee and reschedule my meeting with the Armstrong Consortium.

  3. Yay! You’re back 🙂 Happy 2012!
    If someone ever asks me how to bring sexy back, I will tell them that I once read donning a pink tie should do the trick. Thanks for that tip 😉

    Christmas was awesome spent with my family, especially my 8 year old nephew and almost 4 month old niece. They’re pretty rad kiddos. Especially my nephew. He had a slumber party with his auntie Amy. Also, he is the best cuddler. I know I have to soak it up while it lasts because one day he probably won’t think I’m as cool as I am. Wait…

    NYE was spent at Ruth’s Chris in downtown Seattle with a friend, followed by a stealthy exit through the hotel because there was a shooting across the street and the cops had blocked off the road. I should actually research that and see what went down.

  4. “I had to explain to her that my friend was married [19] and that standing next to a female [male] in a picture in no way constituted a dating relationship.” #BeenThereMadeTheTshirt

    Welcome back. mmmm. food coma.

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