This morning I drove to a job I’m not overly fond of in a car that I wish I’d never purchased as it’s become a financial anchor on my life and will remain so for another year and a half until I have it paid off.

I will go home this evening to a small duplex with no heat other than a couple of small space heaters, my Snuggie and my two cats because it’s too expensive to turn on the super-inefficient baseboard heaters during the winter.

In my refrigerator is cheap, Aldi brand hamburger meat, some condiments and some veggies.  In my freezer are a few off-brand chicken breasts and more inexpensive Aldi frozen vegetables.  And in my pantry are a couple of cans of beans.

I take so much for granted sometimes it sickens me.

I have a job.

I have a car.

I have a home.

I have heat.

I never go hungry.

I am so freaking BLESSED, but I can be very unappreciative and act so spoiled at times…

How many of us are like this?  How many of us have so much, but because we don’t have as much stuff as Jim and Sally Muckenfutch down the street we feel like we got gypped somewhere down the line?

There are many, many people way worse off than us and I’ll be the first to tell myself that I need to remember that and to be thankful to God for His provision when others have almost nothing.

Here’s the deal.  I’m not gonna go into full-on, weepy, Sally Struthers feed-the-children mode, but I will ask you to go over to my good friend Sharideth Smith’s blog and check out what she and I are doing to help a needy family this Christmas season and ask you to help out if you are able.

If you’re not in the Nashville area and don’t feel like giving to this family, that’s okay, I understand, but I would encourage you to find a worthy family or charity in your area that could use some help and do what you can.

Thanks and God Bless!


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