How was your weekend?

Really?!  Uh huh, uh huh…Wow!  And the Zimbabwean ambassador never knew that you had borrowed his Rolls Royce to go drifting?!  Awesomesauce!  High five!

Well gee, now my weekend sounds kind of lame in comparison…

I started it off by attending a Love & Respect marriage conference (I was working undercover) with my friend and fellow blogger Sharideth Smith Friday night and Saturday morning and ended it by dismantling my garden for the winter.

First of all, the conference.  I was afforded the opportunity to attend by my friend Joy Eggerichs whose parents, Emerson and Sarah, started and run the ministry.  While it’s primarily aimed at married or engaged couples, even as a perpetually single male I was able to pick up a lot of really good information that I should be able to apply to my everyday interactions with women; regardless of whether or not it’s a girl I want to spend an evening with curled up on the couch in our Couples Snuggie watching a movie.

Like this except I'm much less black in real life. Also, no beverages around the Snuggie please!

If a Love & Respect conference should come to your area, I would highly recommend attending regardless of relationship status, even if your Facebook page says “it’s complicated”.

Sunday after church, I decided it was time to take down my garden for the winter.  As if you needed any further proof beyond my mad Knifty Knitting skills and my cat ownership that I could be your grandmother in a pro wrestler’s body…yes, it’s true—I have a garden as well.  If you make fun of me for this, I WILL use my signature finishing move on you—The Composter.

This was my first year attempting to garden and it was a really fascinating process.  Especially the part where not many vegetables actually grew.  That was awesome.  Although they didn’t produce much…well…produce, the plants themselves grew pretty big so that was neat in a I-spent-HOW-much-putting-this-garden-together-for-a-half-dozen-cucumbers-and-a-few-pounds-of-tomatoes kind of way.

Actually, from what I hear it was a hard summer for pretty much every middle Tennessee gardener.  It was much hotter than normal here and we didn’t have as much rain as we usually get.  My heirloom tomatoes did relatively okay though and I have a couple not-quite-ripe pounds that I cut off of my plants yesterday to finish ripening in my window.

Why yes that is duct tape holding those tomatoes to that hanger. #BecauseThatsHowAMANGardens

After that I uprooted the now completely tomato-less plants and chopped them up into convenient bite size pieces to make for easy rotting composting.

Raised bed gardens are also convenient for hiding dead bodies. VERY convenient. #NotThatIWouldKnow

I went ahead and left my little wildflower bed alone though until they die on their own because I’m sentimental like that.  Shut up.

I made the flower bed out of some upcycled stone that somebody had thrown away by the side of the road I live on. And if I ever use the word "upcycle" again, you all have permission to find me and give me a good throat punch for being pretentious.

If you want to see my gardening experiment in its entirety, add me on Facebook (there’s a link over there to the right) and check out the photo album titled “Gardening 2011”.


Any other gardeners out there?  How did your crops do this year?

Anyone in east Nashville interested in tending a garden next Spring?  I actually have two raised beds, but I don’t think my buddy who worked the other one wants to do it again next season.  And in a normal year, two beds will produce way too much food for one person.


14 thoughts on “#LoveAndRespectAndHorticultureOhMy

  1. I want a garden, but so far I’ve got nowhere to tend. When I grow old, I want a garden with a goat. I’ll just say it’s something we do in my culture. Maybe not trying in it Tennessee will give me an edge. Also, I don’t want to be a wiseguy (o, who am I kidding), but aren’t you supposed to cut the first bit of produce and a bit of the plant so all the energy will go into growing tomatoes? Also, I’m stealing your duct tape idea. Let me (us) know when it works.

    • I definitely pruned everything early on, but maybe not as well as I could have as, like I mentioned, this was my first year doing it so I had/have lots to learn.

  2. I couldn’t really read this post because I was so disgusted by the idea of somebody trying to drift in a Rolls Royce. Even if it weren’t just disrespectful to such a beautiful machine to attempt such behavior, I don’t think it’s really possible to do so. Not built for it.

    Oh, but I’m glad the conference went well.

  3. I’m impressed with your gardening efforts! If you can’t find any East Nashville friends to help you next year, I’ll make the trek over the river and help out. I can’t have a garden where I live currently and I miss it.

  4. I wish I could garden – I’ve considered it – but since our back steps are north facing it just isn’t possible beyond the oregano and mint plants we have managed to keep alive. If you opt for a second bed in your garden you can always just ship the fruits of your hard labor up to Canada – I wouldn’t mind at all helping you with those veggies.

    As for the snuggie for me that would be a big warning light – but I am sure when you find that keeper she’ll be all for it, or not.

    • There will be a second bed regardless if I find someone to tend it or not. I can tend it, it’s just that I couldn’t eat the fruits of both beds. I’ll just give whatever I grow in there away or maybe do a lot of canning for the winter.

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