I’m a big fan of Stuff Christians Like.  So much so that I thought I’d totally rip off Jon Acuff (it’s cool though, he admittedly ripped off Stuff White People Like first so I don’t think he’ll mind) for this entry which I am going to call, “Stuff Male Christian Singer/Songwriters Like:  Future Wife Songs Edition”.

“Why male Christian Singer/Songwriters?”, you may ask, “That’s oddly specific.”.  Because I am one…sort of, in that I am a male, a Christian and a singer/songwriter.  However, I don’t really write Christian-y songs aside from a couple of worship songs I’ve written for my church, but I can still relate to the subject matter.

Now that the probably unnecessarily explained semantics have been cleared up, let’s move on to the topic at hand; “Future Wife Songs”.  For those of you who don’t know, a future wife song is a love song that a very sincere, but most likely a little adorably pathetic young male singer/songwriter writes for his future soul mate.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am totally guilty of this; both of writing the song and of being adorably pathetic on occasion.

Video proof to follow.  You’re welcome.

This is not contained strictly to Christian music, but Christian male singer/songwriters are particularly…eager to create songs in this sub-genre.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I think there’s a bit of a subconscious belief that if we play our “Future Wife Song” often enough and in enough venues it will act as some sort of spiritual mating call, drawing the future Mrs. Singer/Songwriter to us for the meetcute, stray ray of light hitting her just so, heavenly choirs singing MOMENT.

Because who else would respond to our song in such a way other than the girl whom God has obviously intended for us?  Can’t you see?  It all makes perfect sense!  Plus, I heard it totally worked for Derek Webb.

Anyway, here is my contribution to the genre that I wrote about 5 years ago.  And yes, I know it’s a little pitchy in places Dawg, but it was late, I was tired, this was like the 3rd or 4th take and the mic on my iPhone isn’t exactly an SM-58.  I’ll post the lyrics in the comments.


Ladies, have you ever heard a future wife song and thought, “Oh.  Em.  Gee.  He totally wrote that for me!  I need to find a conveniently placed ray of light to stand in where he can see me better.”?

Is it true that guys with guitars are automatically 10 times hotter than their non-musical brethren?

Sooooo…anyone hearing any heavenly choirs?


25 thoughts on “#RippingOffJonAcuff

  1. Lyrics:

    Oh this night and this moon
    Turns my thoughts towards you
    And your smile and your eyes
    That I could drown inside
    And wonder if I was wrong
    To fall in love before I met you
    I don’t know

    But you’re beautiful
    Somewhere tonight
    You’re beautiful

    Oh this ache in my chest
    Needs your love
    To make me feel as strong
    As I know I could be for you
    I’m all yours

    And you’re beautiful
    Somewhere tonight
    You’re beautiful
    Somewhere tonight
    You’re beautiful

    I’ll wait for you

    ‘Cause you’re beautiful
    Somewhere tonight
    You’re beautiful
    Somewhere tonight
    You’re beautiful
    Somewhere tonight
    You’re beautiful

    Does your heart long for me
    When you dream?

  2. D’awwwwww. And I mean that without a scrape of irony or…anything else negative (words no work no good yet this morning). I smiled (genuinely) as soon as you started singing.

    I think this is awesome. I mean, you may write an entirely NEW song inspired by Mrs. Singer/Songwriter when you finally meet her, but there isn’t a single woman I know who wouldn’t melt a tiny bit inside at these lyrics.

    Also, YES, level of attractiveness is directly proportional to level of talent (not just musical). TALENT CRUSHES FTW.

  3. I think it’s the awesome hat that brings the hotness, bro. Of course, my view might be biased by the fact that I own an equally awesome hat but do not play guitar.

    My current favorite Future Wife song is from a more secular source, who is married (the girl in the video is his wife, in fact).

    I think it’s pretty obvious from this that we just need to try your song with a marching band to trigger the conveniently placed ray of light, man.

  4. *swoon* You know, as much as Christian singer/songwriter guys like to write them, Christian girls-or any single girls, really-love to hear them. Haha, and it is true that most of us are total suckers for a guy with a guitar, but be warned that we can also be suckers for totally convincing ourselves that of course that song was written just for us, and it takes persistent convincing from a good friend to keep us from frantically searching for that perfectly placed beam of light, lol. (wow, that was quite the run-on sentence.)

    But seriously, great song 🙂

  5. i have a “future husband” song 🙂 and now Kevin always asks me to play it and I say “it’s for you!” and he says “awww, it is?” (of course it is, obviously, it’s just a cute little conversation we like to have when other would-be nauseous people aren’t present). 😀 i love the lyrics of your song! i can’t listen right now but i want to soon!

    • Do you have a recording of your song? I’d love to hear it. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anything of yours come to think of it…

  6. Guys with guitars are automatically about 30% hotter than their non-musical brethren. But the competition for said guys is proportionally greater, causing 30% of women to bow out of the competition completely. Additionally, this increase in hotness with the addition of a guitar is only partially dependent upon the ability to play. Automatic 30% increase if one can just strum and look dreamy…however, one can expect upwards gains of 50-60% based on actual talent in the areas of songwriting and complicated guitar rifts.

    theoretically speaking.

    • Hmmm…this is a theorem I’ve tested for years which has yet to have been proven true. Being in Nashville of course will skew the numbers as there is a greater concentration of talent here than in most other places, but even back in Indiana where I’m from, it was never proved out. I wonder if like the imaginary number “i”, I am the theoretical imaginary singer/songwriter and therefore I kind of exist, but I’m not really noticed?

      Math is hard. 😉

  7. As long as you don’t make your career on the waiting for my future spouse, like *cough* Miss St. James *cough*

    Really good though, I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever tried creating music has tried the “For my future spouse” song. I mean, I am terrible at guitar, but for those couple months I wanted to be good enough to make it a career I tried putting a song together for my wife. But mine wasn’t anywhere near as good as yours.

  8. It is weird how true a man holding a guitar makes him that much more appealing. 🙂
    I like Souldeep’s “Held As One”, though I think that may be a wedding song more than a song written to his future wife.
    Then there is “Godsend” by DC Talk.
    I have written some: “I Choose You” http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_4209438 and “Walk Away” http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_4209435 <– the lyrics on the chorus were changed when in the studio because the producer thought it was cheesy otherwise. Though, I must admit I like the change and it turns it in to a fighting for marriage sort of song now 🙂

  9. If you lived in Philly I would totally marry you. (assuming you’d be on board with it, of course) You are simply adorable. 🙂

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