Below is a picture of my nephews.  I love and miss them.

A lot.

Unfortunately, being that I live quite a distance away from them I can only afford to go see them a couple times a year at most.

Perrin, the eldest, will be 6 next week.  He just started Kindergarten in August and from what I hear so far, he loves it.  He obviously takes after his uncle in that he’s both a gentleman and a scholar.

And now, at least according to the text I got from my sister-in-law last week, he has added pie salesman to his resume’.

Seriously?  Who wouldn’t buy a pie from one of these guys?  That’s Perrin AKA P or Perr Bear on the left, Rylen AKA Ry in the middle and Caleb AKA Cay Cay on the right, who also happens to be wearing one of my Knifty Knitter hat creations from last Christmas.

I should have realized that it was coming, but I guess it’s been so long since I’ve been in school that I’d completely forgotten about the fundraisers.

You remember those, don’t you?  The school would send each kid home with a few boxes of overpriced chocolate bars, magazine subscription forms or trench coats lined with genuine gold Rolleks watches (NYC area schools only) that each child would then attempt to sell to their relatives and neighbors in order to not only raise money for the school, but also to win fabulous prizes, most of which retailed for about $4.99.

What usually ended up happening, at least in the case of the chocolate bars, was that you either “accidentally” ate all the candy yourself and your parents had to pay for it OR your dad took the merchandise into his office and displayed it on his desk in plain view of the office fattie big-boned guy with the glandular issues; possibly deploying a small oscillating fan for scent wafting purposes.

I guess I’m at the age now where I get to be the one to help support my nephews in their scholarly pursuits via the purchasing of assorted baked and candied goods on a semi-regular basis.  I have the feeling that in a few years after all of my nephews are in school, I’m going to need to rent a small trailer for my car when I go home for visits in order to haul all of the frozen cookie dough, popcorn tins and my 40 subscriptions to Vibe back to Nashville.

In the meantime, if any of you live in Fort Wayne, Indiana or its surrounding areas and are in the market for some pie (I’m getting a caramel apple walnut and a pecan myself), hit me up.  I know a guy.


What were some of the favorite fundraising items that you remember selling for your school when you were a kid?

Seriously, does anyone want to buy a pie or two?

Does anyone have cuter nephews than me?  The only answer that will be accepted is no, no I do not.


21 thoughts on “#WhoDoesntLikePie

  1. ughh i’m drooling! i always hated those candy bars the band kids would bring to class because i was powerless against them. those chocolate ones with squares you break off that had caramel inside…???? i don’t think i ever got involved in school things but i was in girl scouts as a young girl and we, of course, sold cookies.:)

  2. They are all super cute, but I gotta tell you, Caleb could probably talk me into buying just about anything. That kid has got spunk. (and your nephews are definitely cuter than mine, as I don’t have any, but my nieces are definitely cuter than yours :D)

    I can’t imagine living so far away from my nieces. I live 15 minutes away right now and it kills me.

  3. Well, when you put nephews in the plural than no, no I do not. But… I do have to say, I have the cutest nephew (singular). Seriously. He is 8 now. And he calls me to chat and of course I buy $30 worth of cookie dough because I want to help him get that super cool parachute man thingy (seriously, is it me or have prizes gotten a wee bit lamer since we were kids?) — last night we discovered we could do video chatting, so I got a nice tour of his room (which of course I’ve seen in person). He is the light of my life that kid. 🙂

  4. I’ve sold child stamps (stamps sold by kids) once. I thought I was a genius and went to the best neighborhood in town. Every time I rang the doorbell, a Polish maid would open the door, not speak Dutch and send me away. Rich people are never home. I sold two sets of stamps. Half of them to my mom.

  5. awe matt! so cute!! we pick up your pies next weekend!! And the previous poster about Caleb is right on…that kid could sell ice to an eskimo 🙂 (sp?!)

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